Sanitary cabins DUO / DUO EXEL


The DUO sanitary cubicle is made of quality materials

With its 13 mm fronts and invisible fasteners, the DUO cabin combines robustness and aesthetics. It is the right compromise between the PRIMO and BRIO cabs. The DUO sanitary cabin is available with 10 and 13 mm solid laminate panels and nylon and aluminium hardware (standard). It meets all health and safety standards.


> MASSIVE STRATIFIED 10 and 13 mm smooth satin finish
> Fire classification M2
> Meets all health and safety standards


  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Total DUOheight : 1960 m
    Panel: 1860 mm + foot +/- 100 mm
  • Total height DUO EXEL: 2150 mm
    Panel: 2050 mm + foot +/- 100 mm


  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Total DUOheight : 1870 mm
    Panel: 1750 mm + void/floor +/- 120 mm
  • Total height DUO EXEL: 1980 mm
    Panel: 1860 mm + void/floor +/- 120 mm


  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Total DUOheight: 1960 mm
    Panel: 1860 mm + foot +/- 100 mm
  • Total height DUO EXEL: 2150 mm
    Panel: 2050 mm + foot +/- 100 mm
  • Variable depth depending on configuration

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The DUO range has been designed by our design office for robustness requirements with its 13 mm rot-proof reinforced laminate facades. It is suitable for intensive use(swimming pools & aquatic centres, schools, public service buildings, etc.).

The compact DUO sanitary cabin is available in 2 sizes: DUO with a height of 1960 mm and DUO EXEL with its height of 2150 mm offering more privacy and comfort.

The DUO cabin is available in a version for people with reduced mobility (PRM ) and in a PN/PC version ( Barefoot/Shodfoot), double-entry cabins.
If your masonry is already existing, we offer you the RENO facade model which is easy to implement and can be adapted to existing walls.

At Kalysse, we guarantee you:

  • French manufacturing and know-how (Workshop in the Hauts-de-France)
  • Compact laminate panels, more qualitative than traditional wood panels
  • The durability of your equipment thanks to our quality parts: 3 hinges per door, jack feet with M12 stainless steel insert, 1-piece connecting strip ...
  • A quality finish: all our facades and doors are entirely curved by a diamond polycrystalline form milling cutter.

Further information

Dimension & Height


Thickness Laminated wood


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Compact laminate


Robust & aesthetic, PMR range (reduced mobility), PNPC range


Standard Hardware - Colour Dark Grey

Discover all our sanitary cubicle hardware products


Hinges 3 nylon hinges with metal insert reinforcements: 2 with integrated spring for automatic opening/closing return + 1 neutral

Pull handles 2 nylon pull handles per door, invisible fasteners

Locking bolt Reinforced nylon with stainless steel insert, reinforced swivel cam with free/occupied indicator and unlocking imprint per 8 mm square Stainless steel

Nylonfeet with screw cover and reinforcement by M12 stainless steel insert. Height adjustable from 90 to 130 mm

Wall mountings
- DUO : 3 lacquered aluminium clevises
- DUO EXEL: 4 lacquered aluminium clevises

Connecting strip In lacquered aluminium with a large cross-section: high structural rigidity. Invisible fasteners.

Stainless steelscrews with tamper-proof imprint

Colour chart and design options

Personalize your bathroom and locker room areas thanks to our various design options! Digital printing, engraving or cutting in the shape of your door tops will give style and a distinctive and elegant atmosphere to your sanitary spaces.

Colour chart

Our sanitary cabins are available in a wide range of shades

Customization and Design

We offer you several possibilities to customize your bathroom doors:

Engraving on door

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to meet all your specific engraving requests. Engraving is a sign of longevity and avoids any degradation.

Shaping of door tops

Round, oblique or wave-shaped: discover the different possible shapes.

Digital printing

The elements of your equipment can be customized from any graphic, image or photo. Various solutions, from the printing subject to the surface finish, guarantee maximum flexibility in the realization and a strong aesthetic impact. It completes the parts or refines the details with colours and illustrations.

Whether for decoration or communication, digital printing allows you to give your spaces a unique design.

Services and Quality

Thanks to our know-how and experience, we can offer you the best solution whatever your technical constraints (space, configuration of the premises, intensity of use...). Your dedicated contacts will bring your project to life by providing expertise and advice.

-Personalized commercial support
As a company on a human scale, we know our customers perfectly and they know us! At Kalysse, you have indeed a personalized and complete support.

-A design office with a wealth of experience
Our design office is at the centre of our manufacturing process. A draughtsman will follow the entire design of your project and will give you the benefit of his technical expertise and his experience on building sites of all sizes in your field of activity.

-Our manufacturing workshops in France
Our experienced operators identify, analyse and implement your different requests on their dedicated machine tool for each step. At Kalysse, each project is unique and respects your constraints.

Innovative, modular and customizable, our creations will meet 100% of your aesthetic and technical requirements.

- Quality parts to ensure the durability of your equipment

Connecting strip: 1-piece strip up to 6 metres long for better rigidity of the assembly.

Locks: Cam and body lock monobloc, square male decontamination in stainless steel 8 mm for an important durability.

Handles: 2 handles per door. Invisible fasteners.

Hinges and panel connection: 3 hinges per door for better weight distribution and to avoid any deformation. Our panel joints are made by means of extruded profiles.

- Cylinder foot adjustable from 95 to 130 mm
- Through-panel fastener for reinforcement
- Stainless steel insert M12
- Screw cover for floor mounting
- Sheathing sleeve for invisible threads

- Research and innovation at the service of your projects
In order to best meet your expectations and uses, innovation has become second nature at Kalysse. We thus offer you the best of research and design when designing your equipment. On the lookout for new materials and technological progress, we do not hesitate to develop ourselves original and tailor-made solutions to meet your constraints.